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Music for Self-Isolation began as a project for musicians to support each other and their fans through the beginning of the pandemic. It has evolved, over a year, into a worldwide collaboration to share music and musicians’ stories to a wider audience. Created by filmmaker, Adam Crosby, this documentary is a thought-provoking and reflective look into the lives, hopes and fears of musicians who are driven to keep creating through a global pandemic.

The majority of the film was shot at Roy Thomson Hall in Toronto from January 11-13, 2021 during the recording of the Music for Self-Isolation album. Other interviews were shot in isolation from the interviewees’ personal spaces.

This film, capturing the recording process and chronicling more of musicians’ stories from the pandemic, distilled from 48 performer interviews, was released on May 21, 2021 exclusively on Gramophone, one of the world’s most preeminent classical music publications. The documentary was also featured on The Strad.

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Toronto Arts Council

Music for Self-Isolation: Performances


As a composer, I was feeling helpless at home during the early stages of the COVID-19 pandemic. Then, I realized I could at least provide my musical friends with new compositions while they were spending time in self-isolation. So in the Spring of 2020, I composed 31 new short pieces of music for an unaccompanied solo instrument or voice, or for a duo of musicians self-isolating together.

With the cancellation of all performances, COVID-19 has adversely impacted the world’s music community. This project is my attempt to raise the spirits of fellow musicians, and the community at large, as we continue to traverse through uncertain times. We might be self-isolating but we are never alone…we have music.

– Frank Horvat

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Many thanks to all the performers and filmmakers who shared their talent: Simon-Philippe Allard, Diane Amari, Allison Cecilia Arends, Francesca Arnone, Amahl Arulanandam, Alexey Aslamas, Dan Austin, David Ballesteros, Lucia Barcari, Dave Battler, Tara Baxendale, Lynn Bechtold, Lineke Boekhoud, Jonathan Borja, Isabelle Briner, Müge Büyükçelen, Alde Calongcagong, Juancar Cantera Herran, Katherine Carleton, Lynette Carveth, Alex Cheung, Ivana Cikić, Tamara Coenradi, Tan Cong, Jessica Costa, Jeanne Côté, Brent Crawford, Austin Crumrine, Garth Cummings, Kristin Day, Dorothy Deen, Olivia De Prato, Tania DeVizia-Berdosh, Antonia De Wolfe, Al Di Cicco, Emily Ding, Štěpán Drtina, Diede Duijghuisen, Gulen Ege, Jorge Luis Espinoza Rodriguez, Gordon Fantini, Ethan Filner, Chris Fischer, Meg Freer, Danie Friesen, María Teresa G-Barrajón, Katja Gillmore, Charlotte Goode, Jeroen Goossens, Donna Hangen, Claire Harris, Marie Hasoñová, Josh Henderson, Petr Holman, Andrew J. Hosler, Cate Hummel, Stephen Johnson-Tseu, Sharon Johnston, Clara Kim, Milica Knezevic, Simone Kouwenberg, Slavko Kovacic, Vlado Kreslin, Karla Križanić, Dave Kutz, Roderick Labrador, Kathryn Ladano, Bones Lam, Megan Lanz, Christopher Lee, Inge Leenen, Ann Lemke, Kevin Leung, John Lewitt, Tawnee Lynn Lillo, A. Lish Lindsey, Victor Lowrie Tafoya, Fan Lü, Christine MacDonnell, Scott MacInnes, Sebastien Malette, Christian Martínez Kempin, Joanne Mary, Michael McKenzie, Beverley McKiver, William McLeish, Gregory Millar, Neel Modi, Nicola Mogavero, Erin Moon-Kelly, Jay Moonah, Richard Moore, Diane Murray-Charrett, Lisa Nelsen, Laura Nerenberg, Monik Nordine, Andrew Noseworthy, Rik Noyce, Javier Oviedo, Sergio Pallottelli, William Palmer, Kirsti Petraborg, Anthony Rapoport, Lisa Raposa, Elizabeth Reid, Jeff Reilly, Aleh Remezau, Elisabeth Remy Johnson, Stephen Robb, Iris Rodrigues, Karina Rombouts, Katarzyna Sadej, Saint John String Quartet, Paul Sanvidotti, Philippe Schartz, Grace Scheele, Juan Jesús Silguero Gorriti, Penelope Smith, Dale Sorensen, Reid Spencer, Chantal Spierings, Isabella Stabio, Mariette Stephenson, Richard Stoelzel, Peter Stoll, Patricia Surman, Lisa Tahara, Ralitsa Tcholakova, Michael Thompson, Simon Tong, Zulibeth Torres, Jennifer Tran, Wouter van Breugel, Angelina Van Dyke, Juliette Vervuurt, Monique Verwoerd, Jan Volkers, Emma Vachon, Sharlene Wallace, Dana Walmsley, Andras Weber, Ann Westall, Joann Whang, Karen Wierzba, Larry Williams, Jacob Wolf, Tracy K. Woodard, Lauren Woods, Meganne Woronchak, Tristan Zaba, Barbara Zalaznik Matos