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“It takes a special skill to be able to create a whole atmosphere in a work that is just 2 minutes long. I really liked that.”

Suzy Klein


The Vancouver Sun calls it, “A masterpiece of creative invention…”

Stuart Derdeyn, 5 things to know about Music for Self-Isolation

The Toronto Star calls it, “…an extraordinary new…album”

William Littler, Hold the accordion jokes: the maligned instrument is featured on the new disc “Music for Self-Isolation”

…these are distinct, lonesome miniatures, capturing the thoughts, hopes, and exhaustions of a difficult time. Contrary to the title, this is music against social isolation. Now that the recording has arrived, we can give them the ovation they deserve.

Samuel Rogers, A Closer Listen
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  1. Music for Self-Isolation - Cello Amahl Arulanandam (cello) 01:46
  2. Music for Self-Isolation - Piano 2 Lisa Tahara (piano) 02:13
  3. Music for Self-Isolation - Flute Christopher Lee (flute) 03:26
  4. Music for Self-Isolation - Marimba Richard Moore (marimba) 02:19
  5. Music for Self-Isolation - Voice 2 Tara Baxendale (voice) 01:39
  6. Music for Self-Isolation - String Duo (violin-viola) Tanya Charles Iveniuk (violin), Anthony Rapoport (viola) 02:09
  7. Music for Self-Isolation - Classical Guitar Brent Crawford (classical guitar) 02:02
  8. Music for Self-Isolation - Saxophone Jennifer Tran (alto saxophone) 01:35
  9. Music for Self-Isolation - Violin Tanya Charles Iveniuk (violin) 01:36
  10. Music for Self-Isolation - Piano 3 (duet) Frank Horvat (piano), Lisa Tahara (piano) 01:58
  11. Music for Self-Isolation - Voice Iris Rodrigues (voice) 01:26
  12. Music for Self-Isolation - Bassoon Kristin Day (bassoon) 02:18
  13. Music for Self-Isolation - Horn Audrey Good (horn) 02:42
  14. Music for Self-Isolation - Double Bass Theodore Chan (double bass) 01:41
  15. Music for Self-Isolation - Electric Guitar Andrew Noseworthy (electric guitar) 02:45
  16. Music for Self-Isolation - Voice 3 (with guitar) John Campbell (voice), Brent Crawford (guitar) 02:22
  17. Music for Self-Isolation - Harp Sharlene Wallace (harp) 01:53
  18. Music for Self-Isolation - Trombone Vanessa Fralick (trombone) 01:48
  19. Music for Self-Isolation - Oboe Aleh Remezau (oboe) 02:16
  20. Music for Self-Isolation - String Duo 2 (violin-cello) Tanya Charles Iveniuk (violin), Amahl Arulanandam (cello) 02:07
  21. Music for Self-Isolation - Piano Lisa Tahara (piano) 02:02
  22. Music for Self-Isolation - Tuba Jennifer Stephen (tuba) 02:13
  23. Music for Self-Isolation - Voice 5 (duet) Iris Rodrigues (voice), Tara Baxendale (voice) 00:43
  24. Music for Self-Isolation - Vibraphone Richard Moore (vibraphone) 02:22
  25. Music for Self-Isolation - Accordion Joseph Petric (accordion) 02:54
  26. Music for Self-Isolation - Trumpet Michael Fedyshyn (trumpet) 01:52
  27. Music for Self-Isolation - Bass Clarinet Kathryn Ladano (bass clarinet) 02:31
  28. Music for Self-Isolation - Clarinet Peter Stoll (clarinet) 01:45
  29. Music for Self-Isolation - Viola Anthony Rapoport (viola) 01:58
  30. Music for Self-Isolation - Violin 2 Tanya Charles Iveniuk (violin) 02:45
  31. Music for Self-Isolation - Voice 4 (with piano) Meredith Hall (voice), Lisa Tahara (piano) 03:01
  32. Music for Self-Isolation - Together in Spirit Various Artists 03:56
  33. Music for Self-Isolation - Pandemic Stories - Jeanne Côté Jeanne Côté (violin) 04:46
  34. Music for Self-Isolation - Pandemic Stories - Scott MacInnes Scott MacInnes (trombone) 07:09
  35. Music for Self-Isolation - Pandemic Stories - A. Lish Lindsey A. Lish Lindsey (piccolo) 06:13
  36. Music for Self-Isolation - Pandemic Stories - William McLeish William McLeish (cello) 07:16
  37. Music for Self-Isolation - Pandemic Stories - Katherine Carleton Katherine Carleton (clarinets) 10:02
  38. Music for Self-Isolation - Pandemic Stories - Larry Williams Larry Williams (horn) 10:11
  39. Music for Self-Isolation - Pandemic Stories - Karen Wierzba Karen Wierzba (voice), Lise Mariana Harnay (voice) 08:18
  40. Music for Self-Isolation - Pandemic Stories - Nicola Mogavero Nicola Mogavero (tenor saxophone) 04:25

Truly a record of our times. There is a sense of loss and shared spirit in this music. It is saying, we might not be able to be together but let’s BE together. So much emotion packed into that short little piece.”

Paolo Pietropaolo, host CBC Radio’s In Concert

“The results are mournful, thoughtful, joyful – expressing the range of emotions the pandemic has evoked.”

Anya Wassenberg, Ludwig van Toronto

Just listen and let the music take you within yourself. You won’t be disappointed.

Allan J. Cronin, New Music Buff

Recorded at Toronto’s iconic Roy Thomson Hall, in the three days before another COVID-19 lockdown, the Music for Self-Isolation album is a culmination of a project that has been evolving over a year in collaboration with musicians around the world.

This album features 25 musicians, all alone in an empty concert hall, reliving the emotions of each of the 31 solos and duos from the Music for Self-Isolation suite by Canadian composer, Frank Horvat. Through the grace of technology, they also all come together for the world premiere of Together in Spirit.

Connecting with so many musicians, Frank wanted to tell their stories of what their lives have been like during this pandemic. He interviewed eight of them, composing an audio documentary composition for each. You can hear these Pandemic Stories on the digital release of this album.

Produced by Frank and engineered by Juno-nominated Dennis Patterson, the album captures the pristine acoustics of Roy Thomson Hall while reflecting on the poignancy of some of Canada’s best musicians performing in a cavernous empty hall.

The album was released April 9, 2021 on the Centrediscs label. A documentary film, by Adam Crosby, capturing the recording process and chronicling more of musicians’ stories from the pandemic, was released on May 21, 2021 exclusively on Gramophone, one of the world’s most preeminent classical music publications. Watch and find out more about the film.

This project is in support of the great work of the Unison Benevolent Fund.

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The album reminds us that music is among the most mysterious and highest order of human skills.

Andrew Timar, The WholeNote Magazine

"They are nice little pieces… a contemporary document and musical remnant of the pandemic." - Remy Franck, Pizzicato

“They showcase pretty much every instrument, giving them their own individual stage. The project then went global.

– Jack Pepper, Scala Radio, Classical Music for Modern Life


Guitar for Self-IsolationMariette Stephenson’s album of classical guitar re-arrangements of ‘Music for Self-Isolation’ compositions.

Jan 11, 2021: Music for Self-Isolation album recording at Roy Thomson Hall
Jen Stephen on Tuba
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Jan 12, 2021: Music for Self-Isolation album recording at Roy Thomson Hall
Sharlene Wallace
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Jan 13, 2021: Music for Self-Isolation album recording at Roy Thomson Hall
Sound engineer Dennis Patterson
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Roy Thomson Hall
Toronto Arts Council

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