Music for Self-Isolation: Pandemic Stories


Musicians around the world have taken up the #IsolationMusic #StayAtHomeChallenge and posted videos of their Music for Self-Isolation performances online during this pandemic.

Along with their impactful performances from their little corners of self-isolation, I’ve been moved by the stories so many musicians shared with me of what their lives have been like during this pandemic and their hopes and fears for the future. I felt more of us needed to hear about these experiences in order to heal and move forward together. This is why Music for Self-Isolation – Pandemic Stories was born.

In this second stage of the Music for Self-Isolation project, we hear from eight musicians. Due to COVID, what are their hopes, dreams and fears for themselves, the arts and culture sector and for the wider world?

I have interviewed each of them and I’m sharing our chat on this site. Then, inspired by their story, I created a new audio documentary composition dedicated to each of them. These new pieces incorporate excerpts from our interview, along with their original M4SI performance, documenting their COVID experience through music.

– Frank Horvat

Participating Artists

Thank you to the following for their gracious support of this project:

Canada Council for the Arts

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