A. LISH LINDSEY – flutist

A. Lish Lindsey

Meet Lish Lindsey, a flutist living in New York City.

Flutist Alicia “Lish” Lindsey was born in South Korea and grew up in New Jersey, 15 minutes outside of Philadelphia, PA where jimmies and sprinkles are considered two different confectionery toppings. She currently resides in the heart of New York City’s Theater District.

As a freelance musician she has enjoyed performing with some of the most engaging and vibrant musicians in the United States as well as in Japan, China, Italy, England, and Wales.

Lish can be found performing with the Capital Philharmonic Orchestra (principal piccolo), Eastern Wind Symphony (principal flute, former principal piccolo), Sinfonietta Nova (principal piccolo), Random Access Music, Fresh Squeezed Opera Company (core company resident flutist), One World Symphony (alto/bass flute), Centre Park Flute Ensemble (contrabass flute), The Socially Distant Orchestra, and Badger.Mantis, a flute/clarinet duo with her husband, Broadway woodwind musician, Todd Groves.

Lish is a ryūteki (Dragon Flute) specialist performing medieval Japanese court music with The Gagaku Ensemble of New York and Tenri Gagaku Society.

PANDEMIC STORIES: Lish Lindsey – Audio Documentary Composition

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Lish’s Original Performance & Video Interview

(from Music for Self-Isolation – Performances)

A. Lish Lindsey performing Music for Self-Isolation – Flute by Frank Horvat
Composer Frank Horvat interviews A. Lish Lindsey

Find out more about Lish on her website.

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